Can You Microwave Plastic Bags? (And Safety Concerns)

Do you use plastic at home? Most storage cans and tins are made of plastic, as well as Ziploc sandwich bags and plastics from the grocery store. Even though the use of plastic is common in everyday life, people have asked questions about the safety of using plastic.

Some studies have unearthed particular concerns about plastics; plastics have some chemicals that may leach into the food and beverages we consume. This effect mostly happens when the plastics are subjected to heat or high temperatures.

The big question is, should it concern you? And if that is the case, is there anything you can do to stay safe?

Now that we know some concerns about plastic, can you put plastic bags in the microwave?


Can You Microwave Plastic Bags

Is It Safe to Microwave Plastic Bags?

Now you must be wondering whether it’s time to pack all your plastic bags and throw them away from your house, but it may not be the best idea, at least not just yet.

Regardless of the chemical composition of the plastic you are using, putting them into the microwave can leach the unwanted chemicals into your food. It has been noted that heating plastic with fatty foods is the worst of it all, greasy food absorbs the leached chemicals more than any other food and beverage.

You should avoid heating your food with plastic in the microwave because you will be consuming harmful chemicals in small quantities but for a long time. You may not realize the effects immediately, but this may be a big problem for your health in the long run.

Can You Microwave Ziploc Bags?

According to Ziploc, their bags are completely safe to be used in the microwave. The temperatures reached in a microwave are not high enough to release Dioxin, which is the chemical that could lead to health issues.

The Ziploc plastic bags also meet the requirements of the FDA(U.S. Food and Drug Administration). So, it should be safe to use the Ziploc bags to defrost and reheat in the microwave, as well as store in the fridge or freezer.

Ziploc Plastic Bags

Storing Food in Plastic Bags

How safe is plastic with the food we consume? Is there any health hazard associated with storing food in plastics?

Microwave indeed increases the chances of plastic chemical leaching into food, but that’s not to say that plastic bags are safe for keeping food without microwaving. Studies have found that food or beverage stored in plastic bags allows chemicals to get into the food content. It has also been noted that foods and liquids stored in plastic bags and bottles allow chemicals into the food when subjected to direct sunlight.

How to Know If Plastic is Microwave Safe

So we’ve determined that you shouldn’t put your plastic bags in the microwave, however, some plastics are recommended by the FDA to be safe with microwaves. For manufactures to meet the FDA standards, they have to test their containers and give an accurate amount of time their plastics can last in the microwave.

When the plastic container meets the required standard, then it is considered safe for microwave use. But it would help if you did not think this will guarantee you safety. The best way to know whether plastic is safe to be used in a microwave is to verify the microwave safety symbol.

If your microwave has a radiation symbol that approves the plastic’s use, then you can use it. But this is not safe either way. You may not understand the chemical composition of a plastic container; therefore, it is recommended that you should avoid putting plastic bags in the microwave, whether it is declared safe by the FDA or not.

Understanding Plastic and Its Effects

Well, plastic is not a single component, and there are various types, and because of the variety, plastic is named depending on its composition. Plastics contain different chemicals such as colorants, antioxidants, and plasticizers.

It has become evident that plastics’ chemical composition is very harmful to health, and this is a significant concern. When you get exposed to these chemicals over a long period, the consequences may be dire. Different people react to the chemical compositions differently; hence the effects may differ from one person to another.

Can you imagine the number of times you carry your food in plastics, many people take things like hot tea, food and even hot water in plastics. It would be best if you didn’t blame yourself for using plastics, not all plastic containers are wrong, some are less harmful, and others are even okay for carrying food, but you need to take caution from today.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to avoid using plastic bags in the microwave since the hot temperatures will cause the plastic to break down and melt over the microwave and contents inside. The chemicals released can also be a safety and health concern.

Many people who use plastics do not know how harmful plastics are to their lives, primarily when it is meant for carrying food. Plastic bags are handy, but they should be limited to what they can be used for storing. Plastic should be used to store none edible commodities like clothes, books, and any other thing, but not items consumable by humans and animals.

It is now apparent that you should avoid using plastics to carry your food at all costs, let alone microwave your food. We live only once, and we should prevent self-inflicting harm to our system. With this information, you should stay clear of unwanted plastic chemicals.

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