21 Hilarious Kitchen Puns – Funny Kitchen Humor

Are you looking for the best kitchen puns to share with your friends or family?

Whether it’s puns about food or just a general kitchen joke, I enjoy hearing some funny one-liners from time to time. Most of these could even be made into a sign or decoration that would be perfect for hanging in the kitchen.

So here we go; a list of my favorite kitchen puns and kitchen jokes for you to share with others!

People Laughing in Kitchen

Kitchen Puns

1. It may be wrong to steal kitchen utensils…but that’s a whisk I’m willing to take.

2. Don’t go bacon my heart.

3. Hit me with your best pot.

4. Shake it like a polaroid picture.

5. Chop it like it’s hot.

6. Let the beet drop.

Laughing in Kitchen

7. Let the good times roll.

8. I have fillings for you.

9. I like you berry much.

10. I’m very grapeful for you.

11. Penne for your thoughts.

12. Pasta la vista baby!

Food in Kitchen

13. You’re quite a dish!

14. You want a pizza this?

15. It’s so knife to meet you.

16. We better hurry up. I think we’re running out of thyme.

17. It’s a gravy situation.

18. Eggscuse me.

Nice Kitchen

19. There’s a lot at steak here.

20. Have you met the Chef yet? He’s a very knife guy.

21. Turnip the beet!